Digital Strategy & UX Design

About Amanda

Believing that technology can be an effective catalyst for positive social change, Amanda built her career as a digital marketing strategist for global organizations such as the UN Refugee Agency and Right To Play. When she isn’t developing digital strategies, overseeing website overhauls and diving head first into user data, Amanda can be seen running through the streets of Toronto, training for her next race.

Project Abstract

Many studies in the field of human-computer interaction (HCI) point to gesture-based interaction (GBI) as a transformative method for communicating with computers. GBI allows people to use common body language like waving or pointing to manipulate devices without physically touching them. Current research suggests that moving beyond traditional mechanical devices such as a mouse or keyboard may create richer and more ‘natural’ user experiences. Despite this finding, this mode of interaction has not seen broadscale adoption. A critical analysis of the work taking place in both industry and HCI studies demonstrates tension between the theory and practice of creating gesture-centric interfaces. This study provides a critical overview of the issues, social, design and technological, that pose a challenge to the widescale adoption of this technology.

Amanda in 3 words

Curious. Creative. Cookie-lover

First thing Amanda wants to do after she graduates

Eat more cookies. 

Amanda's dream job

User Experience Designer/Product Manager