About Angelique

Introducing a creative visionary and conceptual designer that is both passionate and compassionate.

Through her years of working with both youth and children, Angelique has gained an understanding heart.

Over her years as a design and digital media student, Angelique gained a focused mind.

Separate, they spark inspiration, together they ignite change.

Project Abstract

In-Touch is a digital platform created for unconventional learners. This platform enables and encourages learning, by creating a space that accommodates the type of learning that is conducive to a safe learning environment which allows students and teachers to openly discuss the learning process. By providing students the opportunity to ask questions privately without pressure or hesitation, teachers will be able to aid the student in a method that resonates with their learning style. Unconventional learners can ask questions at a scheduled time; receive more feedback, more explanation, and additional assignments developed specifically for them. Furthermore, In-Touch allows parents to take a more active part in the child’s learning process by creating an additional channel of communication with the instructors.

Angelique in 3 words

Exciting, Creative and Innovative

First thing Angelique wants to do after she graduates

Off to Italy, England and France.

Angelique's dream job

Art Director or Creative Director at a Not for Profit Organization