Digital Entertainment

About Ashley

Ashley is a digital professional interested in expanding her innovative mindset and technical knowledge with a business perspective. She is passionate about synthesizing art, technology, and business methodologies to achieve success within the digital industry.

Ashley's talent for creativity and design was evident at an early age and extended into the digital world, adding new technical aspects to her existing proficiencies. These interests and skill sets allowed her to excel in the New Media Undergraduate program at Ryerson University, where she gained essential knowledge and comprehension of the various elements of digital media. The program provided contemporary art practices, modes of communication, and a gateway to future innovations. As a result she has acquired a solid understanding of critical media theory, tangible interfaces, mobile media, and virtual worlds.

Beyond Ashley’s academic interest in digital media, her drive to learn and experiment in a professional environment allowed her to secure a position at Corus Entertainment, where she has been a supporting team member of the Digital Interactive department since 2014. Through this experience her knowledge of interactions via online engagement of websites, social media platforms, app analytics, and on-screen entertainment has grown exponentially. Her commitment and involvement at Corus Entertainment has given her the opportunity to gain invaluable practical experience within a digital environment.

Project Abstract

Social digital communities have influenced traditional practices of communication through gateways to mass self-expression. Sharing video snippets of personal moments online exemplifies this social transformation which forms a component of the digital storytelling field. Currently, the social digital storytelling market is faced with challenges that prevents many individuals from easily communicating their story through an edited video format. This paper examines social modern storytelling to better comprehend the needs of users, and identify gaps and opportunities based on currently available tools, in order to facilitate a viable solution that meets the demands of modern-day storytellers. Through content analysis of technology companies, storytelling platforms, and pertinent case studies, this paper determines the most essential attributes to ensure the proposed solution’s viability.