Advertising, Experience Design, and Luxury Retail

About Asma

Asma is a digital creative who likes solving problems. Currently, Asma is working on a digital e-commerce strategy for the luxury Industry by experimenting with social networking amongst customers. This will also serve as a client management system for the brand's side of the coin.

Asma's life interests are culture, yoga, fine art, humanity and spirituality which often add flavour to her work. Her recent favourite quote is printed on a Christian Dior t-shirt saying, “We should all be Feminists.”

Contact: LinkedIn

Project Abstract

The Major Research Project investigates the role of social media to fill the digital gap created in luxury brand business over the recent years. Declining sales and digital nonexistence of Luxury brands and selective retailers are worrisome compared to regular e-commerce. Online shopping, YouTube influencers and customer’s reviews are extremely relevant at present. Kapferer’s theory of Luxury Brand management conceptually explains the aim of luxury brands to mainly render social stratification and internal satisfaction. Considering that Resso is a hybrid social media network where users shop luxury goods while they also make real social connections. The Resso experience is designed in detail, abiding to the above theory and the concept of customer purchase journey in the digital era. Besides making contacts, users receive premium client service, access to latest offers, reviews and YouTube influencer videos linked to each product. Last but not least, Resso also has an option for the user to donate trackable charity with purchase to feel enhanced internal satisfaction.

Asma in 3 words

Resilient. Open minded. Creative.

First thing Asma wants to do after she graduates

Hit the gym!

Asma's dream job

Professor, Executive Creative Director, Entrepreneur.