Brand Strategy

About Carly

Carly is a recent graduate from the University of Guelph where she pursued a Bachelor of Commerce Honours with Specialization in Marketing Management. Throughout her studies she developed a passion for combining creativity and technology within the business industry. Carly’s knowledge and unique skillset has led to various work experiences in her field. As a previous intern at a digital advertising agency, she has had experience managing social media accounts, as well as ghost-writing blog posts for The Huffington Post. Carly is determined to synthesize the evolving technological aspect of digital media into the marketing world.

Project Abstract

This study investigated the adoption and usage of YouTube as a destination marketing tool amongst Canadian Destination Marketing Organizations [DMOs]. A content analysis approach was employed to analyze a sample group of 1,000 videos uploaded by five provinces and three major cities. Two coding schemes were developed in order to classify each video by their content and production. The findings of this study provides insight as to how DMOs are using YouTube to manage their destination image. Results indicate that there are variations between the marketing strategies of DMOs. This could be a result of the lack of knowledge and information on how to YouTube can be effectively used to market travel destinations. This study attempts to bridge these gaps, by providing a clear indication as to what type of content is generating the greatest engagement rate.

Carly in 3 words

Ambitious. Witty. Detail-oriented.

First thing Carly wants to do after she graduates

LinkedIn Premium. 

Carly's dream job

Chief Marketing Officer.