Big Data, Smart Cities

About Desislava

Desislava is a versatile professional with over a decade of experience in management and analytical roles in finance, IT, and the digital space. She graduated magna cum laude from the State University of New York with two Bachelor's degrees – in Computer Science and in Mathematics.


Project Abstract

The race towards incorporating digital technologies into the governing and support of urban areas around the world has blurred the term "smart city". To replace the fluid concept of intelligent cities and to ensure consistency and standardization, a formal framework for defining what the term smart city designates is necessary. Through the systematization of current smart initiatives and their enabling technologies, the study puts forth a structure through which to analyze, evaluate, and improve smart cities meaningfully and credibly.

Desislava in 3 words

Versatile. Persistent. Integrity.

First thing Desislava wants to do after she graduates

Land my dream job.

Desislava's dream job

Innovation/Product Manager.