Developing Interactive Spaces

About Hilary

Hilary is a creative problem solver with keen interests in both technology and art. She is a graduate of Ryerson University's School of Image Arts, with an Honours BFA in New Media. She has built websites, games, free-standing interactive structures, and gallery installations. Additionally, she has spent seven years working with children in technology-centered environments, and has seen firsthand the positive effects that well-designed interfaces can have on young users.

Project Abstract

This project explored the “fun” of youth digital play through a custom built interactive playtool. This research is based in the developmental value of play for children throughout history, the changes to youth play that have taken place as interactions have become increasingly digital, and the design benefits of unobtrusive interfaces. Using academic research sources from both paediatric occupational therapists and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) specialists, a variety of parameters were developed to maximize the developmental value and fun of digital play. These parametres created a guideline of design considerations for the target users of children 6-9 years old. As such, an open-ended Natural User Interface (NUI) that allows user agency and exploration as a way of learning how to interact with it was developed. User testing was then used to establish if the open-ended play was evaluated as more “fun” than more traditional collaborative or competitive gaming.

Hilary in 3 words

Enthusiastic. Inventive. HILARYous.

First thing Hilary wants to do after she graduates

Go on a tropical vacation. It's long overdue!

Hilary's dream job

Building interactive installations