eHealth & Knowledge Translation

About Julene

Julene Chung holds undergraduate degrees in biology and nursing. As a Registered Nurse, Julene has worked in the areas of adolescent health and clinical research. Her personal interests include examining how digital media can be used to empower patients using knowledge translation and self-care tools. Julene looks forward to integrating her interests in digital media with her passion for improving delivery of health care.

Project Abstract

Empower Women: Transforming women's healthcare through digital media. In recent years, the internet has become an important part of how millennial women access health information, yet there are limited resources that contain information that is accurate, engaging and easy to understand. This proposed project will examine the utility and impact of a magazine as a knowledge translation tool for young Canadian women. Focusing on sexual health, this project will consist of a hybrid magazine experience that will use creative design and technology to engage millennial women in discussions about taboo women’s health topics. The magazine experience will include a print magazine paired with digital enhancements that unlock extended content or facilitate online discussion. This project is funded by the Social Enterprise Demonstration Fund (SEDF).