Digital Media Storytelling & Engagement Strategy

About Kathryn

What if a story could ignite something within you and inspire you to go out and make the world a better place?

These are the stories Kathryn McKenzie is on the hunt to find. This hunt and her insatiable curiosity have taken her around the world where she uncovered some of the best that humanity has to offer through stories she documented in film, art, books and public speaking. Traditional media has often focused on using a “if it bleeds it leads,” philosophy while modern media has churned out endless puff pieces about cats and lottery winners.

Kathryn enjoys leading teams to create projects that engage audiences through multiple platforms, explore interdisciplinary solutions and create innovative business strategies that ignite that passion and inspires us all to make our world better.

Project Abstract

Kathryn McKenzie's research explores how a co-creation process and a constructive journalism philosophy can be applied to creating a filmmaking course. By identifying five main principles for effective constructive co-creation and embedding them into a digital education platform, she has created a new approach to empower and engage youth in creating stories that matter. 

Kathryn in 3 words

Explorer. Creator. Coach.

First thing Kathryn wants to do after she graduates

Find great stories to share.

Kathryn's dream job

Project Manager