Social Media Marketing, Digital Entrepreneurship & Transmedia Storytelling

About Kimron

Kimron is an OECS 30 Under 30 award recipient in Entrepreneurship, a Digital Marketing Strategist and a Transmedia Storyteller. He recently founded Camerhogne Media; a Transmedia Storytelling agency dedicated to helping Businesses build their brand and Stand out online through Transmedia Storytelling. Kimron is also the Co-Founder of, a movement dedicated to sharing the people, culture and tradition of Grenada. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Learning and is a One Young World Ambassador representing Grenada. As an advocate and Promoter of Entrepreneurship he is dedicated to spreading the message of Entrepreneurship to young people and encouraging them to create their own opportunities.

Project Abstract

Having a social media presence today is almost mandatory for organizations of any size or distinction (Bergstrom & Backman, 2013). Existing research focusses heavily on how non-profits can use social media and how they can measure results of social media use. Storytelling has emerged as a key factor as to why organizations use Social Media, nevertheless, studies on how Storytelling is used within Social Media campaign has been minimal So my MRP looks at how Non-profit organizations uses storytelling in their social media campaigns and whether it affects the successful outcomes of these campaigns with the aim of creating a Social Media campaign strategy powered by storytelling that can be applied to different organizations.

Kimron in 3 words

Nova-Rose Father. Hustler. Storyteller.

First thing Kimron wants to do after he graduates

Go home to Grenada to visit my family for a few days.

Kimron's dream job

To become a successful Media Entrepreneur and work with and brands on the strategy and execution of Social Media.