Computer Animation

About Kris

Kris is an award winning computer graphics artist with two decades of experience in animation and visual effects. After graduating from Sheridan College’s prestigious Classical and Computer Animation programs Kris has been working in both the episodic and commercial industries. He has worked on a wide range of projects including Transformer's: Beast Wars, station ID's for YTV, Teletoon, WB Kids, Space, Disney's Jetix, and commercials for Gatoraid, Expedia, and Coke Zero to name a few. Kris has become a creative generalist, adept in technical and artistic skills. Even though Kris appreciates the more left brain elements, he still believe that imagination is paramount.

Kris went back to his roots, and for the past 10 years he has been a full time Professor with Sheridan College's Post Graduate Computer Animation program, where he strives to create an inspiring, high energy, and creative learning environment.

Project Abstract

There is a desire to push for innovation in the field of archaeology. Technologies like photogrammetry, point cloud scans, and additive printing are being utilized to document historical sites to cataloguing entire museum collections. The breadth of this research focuses on how Virtual Reality can be used as a tool to preserve the past and build new knowledge. During this examination, questions arise around an object’s authenticity, as Aura, and whether or not this is a transferable attribute from something with materiality to something with no physicality, such as a digital reconstruction.

Kris in 3 words

Determined. Creative. Collaborative.

First thing Kris wants to do after he graduates

Spend well deserved time with my family.

Kris's dream job

I'm living my dream job.