Digital Strategy

About Kristian

As a Toronto native, Kristian decided to remain in Canada’s business capital and technological hub for her post-secondary education. She recently attained her Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Toronto, where she specialized in marketing and strategy.

Over time Kristian noticed a trend; she always merged her extracurricular and professional endeavors within arts, athletics, government and not-for-profit with the digital world. Her diverse experience ranges from writing articles for a reader base of over 70,000 to formulating digital strategies for small businesses. This past summer, she went on a backpacking expedition across Tanzania where she volunteered for social enterprises and somehow managed to summit Mount Kilimanjaro.

Project Abstract

Kristian's MRP looks at the viability of immersive video, particularly virtual reality streaming, for sports broadcasting purposes. It uses various case studies to determine the potential success for integrating VR into the sports space, across the various dimensions of immersion, interaction and presence.