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About Maryam

Maryam Lary is an adventurous poet, and writer, who is taking new steps every day to pursue her dream of becoming a successful writer. She is currently working on publishing her memoir and poetry book. Maryam is curious about how to combine the power of words and images into a new element for people to experience and develop a new unique connection with literature. In her free time, she enjoys reading, exploring nature, horse riding, and being involved in activities that give back to the world.

Project Abstract

With so much love to words and poetry, Maryam has decided to take poetry to the next level. She has created an interactive art work with a digital component--so for people experiencing her poems, people can touch, listen, and feel a connection to her poetry beyond just the power of words. 

Maryam in 3 words

Dreamer. Writer. Visionary.

First thing Maryam wants to do after she graduates

Explore a new chapter in life. 

Maryam's dream job