Digital Publishing

About Nathan

Nathan is a freelance writer-editor and digital consultant. He was born and raised in Toronto, where he has lived for most of his life, except for that one time where he found himself in Tokyo for a little while. Nathan's main interest in the MDM program is figuring out the next steps in the digital world for creators and publishers alike.


Project Abstract

The fundamental of publishing is to produce content—information, media, the arts—desired by a consumer. However, disruption to the industry from digital technologies has many questioning the “correct” method used to disseminate such content, and much disruption is expected in publishing. The publishing industry started with a massive techno-social disruption in the form of the printing press, so there is a degree of irony present as it now tries to adapt to the digital era. 


Nathan in 3 words

Exclamation! Question mark?

First thing Nathan wants to do after he graduates

Fulfill editorial stereotypes and own a cat or two.

Nathan's dream job

Something that blends my principles together with my creativity.