Multimedia Journalism and Interactive Storytelling

About Nitish

Nitish is a bilingual broadcast journalist who has previously worked with CTV News in Saskatoon, the French CBC in Edmonton and The Weather Network. You can catch him weeknights on CityNews, reporting live and telling stories that matter to Torontonians. Nitish has always had a knack for storytelling and public speaking and is always looking for new ways to create engaging stories that are as diverse in form and delivery as they are in content.

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Project Abstract

Nitish's major research paper (MRP) will examine the potential use of 360 degree video for daily news production. Over the years, journalism has seen the introduction of new mediums and technology. With research from existing literature, news articles as well as case studies, his MRP will serve as an analysis in order to better understand how the introduction of 360-degree videos might change the approach and practice of digital journalism. Nitish's paper will identify unique challenges and successes that 360-degree video journalism might have from a technical, ethical and psychological point of view as facets can ultimately influence the reporter’s decision making and their ability to properly and effectively tell stories.

Nitish in 3 words

Ambitious. Driven. Confident.

First thing Nitish wants to do after he graduates

Continue to work.

Nitish's dream job

I want to be a well-known face and help make a difference by telling stories that matter to people.