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About Nuria

Nuria has more than 15 years of experience in art direction and graphic communications, which expands across diverse industries, such as Arts and Culture, Non-for-Profit and Advertising Agencies. She has received consistent feedback that her work is versatile, engaging, clean, creative, and speaks to the audience for which it is intended.

Nuria is passionate about innovation in design, immersive experiences for the arts and culture and human behaviour. Her focus on integrative technologies and human behaviour, makes her one passionate individual in the quest to know how digital media can improve the well-being of friends and families.

Project Abstract

This major research paper investigates the understanding of the role of persuasive technology in the implementation of alternative digital platforms, to support mental health treatments in children; specifically those related to selective mutism. Moreover, to analyze the effectiveness in the behavioural change by adding timely trigger functions integrated into a wearable device. And at the same time, to understand how this technology help caregivers manage treatment applying it to collaborative healthware.

Nuria in 3 words

Shoe size 6

First thing Nuria wants to do after she graduates

Have a glass of wine or ten!

Nuria's dream job

World traveller