UX Design/Product Development

About Peter

Born in Montreal and raised in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Peter would like to consider himself a hyphenate without actually, you know, saying it. In any event, his interests are threefold: design, business/marketing and writing—both critically and creatively. Across the digital landscape, Peter’s largely concerned with how people avail technology to relate ideas, recommendations and advice, and the role design plays in facilitating such behaviour.

Project Abstract

Exploring the efficacy of electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM) among friends and relatives in the domain of tourism. Insights gained through research and user testing will be leveraged to design a mobile application, expressly built to enable this kind of eWOM: a two-way communication platform for exchanging destination-specific travel recommendations. Using the app as a proxy, Peter aims to coin a new breed of social networking technology, where information is discovered not through searching, but relating, with friends and family members.

Peter in 3 words

Enthusiastic. Light-hearted. Mettlesome.

First thing Peter wants to do after he graduates

Decamp to Portugal and seek enlightenment.

Peter's dream job

Creative Entrepreneur