Digital Storytelling,
UX Design

About Rebecka

Rebecka has always enjoyed sharing stories and has a deep passion for all forms of communication -- whether written, verbal, visual, or most recently, tactile. She holds a Bachelor of Journalism from Ryerson University and spent a semester studying foreign reporting and TV journalism at the Danish School of Media and Journalism. She's written, produced and contributed creative content for Toronto music blogs, local lifestyle publications and non-profit organizations.

With previous interests in travel, culture, and community, she learned to intersect her storytelling background with emerging technologies and design principles. Now, as a self-proclaimed digital storyteller and strategist, she specializes in using data, technology, and design to help communicate the most effective narratives and experiences to an audience.

Project Abstract

For a traveller, every new destination comes with new experiences. Every new environment visited increases a traveller’s identity. Finding where to go and what to see can be tough with an influx of information readily available with smartphones, especially if core interests don’t always align. A traveller’s digital identity should be recorded and improved upon for whenever the travel bug comes along. This research improves an understanding of travellers’ digital identity through travel motives, tourists’ behaviour, and mapping/navigation-related technology. An analysis of existing mobile travel apps for discovery purpose examined effective user engagement through attributes of app design and performance. After evaluation, the proposed app - DROP/PIN - was formed. It allows travellers to explore urban environments in real-time through personalization, big data, social media and navigational technology. Its purpose is to recognize the memories and meanings of past sights and places travelled in order to influence and suggest those to come.

Rebecka in 3 words

Passionate. Genuine. Innovative.

First thing Rebecka wants to do after she graduates

Celebrate with everyone who has supported me the past year.

Rebecka's dream job

Working with a creative team using innovative technologies to create influential projects, and eventually run my own company doing just that.