Brand Strategy & Digital Marketing

About Umar

Working for a leading Sri Lankan telecommunications operator for over 5 years gave Umar the drive to immerse himself in technology. During this time he experienced how the many avenues of digital media can be used to optimize day-to-day business and meet marketing requirements. The exposure he gained working on mobile applications, social media management, graphic design and initiatives using virtual reality opened many avenues for him in customizing business objectives to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Digital concepts he finds particularly interesting include data visualization and analytics, artificial intelligence, social media frameworks, information security, privacy as well as mobile applications.

Project Abstract

This research examines the changing scope of marketers today, and focuses on how marketers could use data and analytics to better understand advanced customer dynamics in the form of creating Digital Personas.

Umar in 3 words

Adaptable. Responsible. Analytical.

First thing Umar wants to do after he graduates

Catch a flight to Bali, Indonesia!

Umar's dream job

Work for a reputed company that leverages my experience as a Digital Marketer!