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About Vib


Growing up in the digital age Vib's passion for storytelling evolved in various mediums such as film, web, user experience design, and projection mapping experiences. Vib's Bachelors of Global Business and Digital Arts at the University of Waterloo and my current pursuit at a Master's in Digital Media at Ryerson University has elevated his creative process to thinking critical while having imaginative ideas that contain insight and value. Learning about consumer behaviour, market research, and advertising, fused with creative storytelling and unique perspective, allowed him to understand this magical equation that leads to victorious projects.

Project Abstract

The way we consume video content has changed drastically over a very short span of time. Incentive for people to watch films at the movie theatre have decreased with the emergence of video platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube and Vimeo. With the growth in smartphone and tablet usage, content has become more accessible right within our fingertips. Due to these new distribution methods, new cinema and video technologies can be discovered and adopted beyond the theatre exhibition. As spatial resolution technology peaked with 3840x2160 pixels, temporal resolution in the form of high frame rate can become the next innovation to enhance the way content is experienced in movie theatres and social media. Currently there are only two films made in high frame rate which include The Hobbit and Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, with the addition of James Cameran’s Avatar sequels which are in production. As filmmakers and studios debate on the adoption of creating films in high frame rate, it will be important for online distribution platforms like Netflix,Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, and Vimeo to see how receptive people are to high frame video content viewed primarily on tablets and smartphones, and whether this technology can enhance these platforms further. To study this concept, this project will look back on how previous cinematic innovations were adopted through the course of time. I will also create a short film captured, edited and played back in both 60 frames per second and 24 frames per seconds, which will then be released to social media video players to gather analytical measurements.

Vib in 3 words

Creative. Passionate. Humble.

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Film innovator, filmmaker.